M_o_R® Practitioner

Course code: MoR2

Course description:

M_o_R® Practitioner is a training that consolidates and complements the knowledge acquired during the course M_o_R ® Foundation and prepares participants to pass the exam at the Practitioner level.

The training is based on the textbook published by OGC. It includes lectures, exercises of tools and techniques, quizzes and exercises based on the scenario. In particular, sample documents and sample exam questions are accurately discussed.

The training takes two days. After the training is finished, you can take the exam at the Practitioner level. Passing the exam will result in obtaining international certification issued by APM Group Ltd.


  • Deepening the knowledge gained on the M_o_R ® Foundation training.
  • Full understanding of the process and documents and techniques used in the process, depending on the perspective of the level you want to perform risk management in the organization.
  • Preparing participants to achieving international certification.

Target group:

  • Risk managers at any level.
  • Managers deciding on the method of risk management and its implementation.
  • People who want to confirm an advanced knowledge of risk management in accordance with the M_o_R guidance.


Knowledge of risk management at the level of M_o_R Foundation is required.

Persons wishing to take the Practitioner exam must first pass the M_o_R Foundation exam. See M_o_R Foundation course agenda.


2 days


Duration of exam: 180 minutes (3 hours). The exam is in the form of a multiple choice (single or multiple) test, containing 4 areas of questions (20 marks) with respect to the scenario. In total, you can get 80 marks of which must gain 40 marks min to pass the exam. During the exam, you can use the manual and ABC Guide Part A containing a description of the techniques.

The confirmation of passed exam is a personal certificate issued by the APM Group Ltd. during the month after the exam.

Table of contents:

--- Day 1 ---

  • Discussion of the exam:
    • Form,
    • Requirements,
    • Tips for passing the exam
  • Revision of key concepts of risk management
  • Principles - principles of risk management
  • The organizational perspective of risk management
    • Documents
    • Techniques
    • The process
    • Sample exam questions
  • Risk management at the level of projects and programs
    • Documents
    • Techniques
    • The process
    • Sample exam questions
  • Management of operational risk
    • Documents
    • Techniques
    • The process
    • Sample exam questions.

--- Day 2 ---

  • Mock M_o_R Practitioner exam
  • Discussion of the mock exam
  • Review of selected M_o_R topics
  • M_o_R Practitioner exam.




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