M_o_R® Foundation

Course code: MoR1

Course description:

M_o_R® (Management of Risk) Foundation training course will provide delegates with an introduction to the principles, processes and techniques used in the M_o_R approach on the all management levels in organization.

This training course includes lectures, quizzes, tools and techniques exercises, and also exercises based on the scenario. Course takes three days. On the third day, you can take the M_o_R Foundation examination. Passing the exam results in an official certificate provided by APM Group Inc.


  • Understand M_o_R principles
  • Develop risks identification skill
  • Practice of the tools and techniques useful in risk management
  • Get to know the content of risk management documents
  • Get to know how risk management process should be applied across an organization
  • Understand how consistently manage the risk across an organisation
  • Prepare participants to gain international certification.

Target group:

  • Corporate Managers – responsible for corporate governance and the organisation’s overall exposure to risk
  • Programme Managers – responsible for risk relating to specific programmes
  • Project Managers – responsible for managing risk in projects
  • Operational Managers – responsible for risks that affect the on-going continuity of business services
  • All other persons who have an interest or responsibility for the Risk Management within their organisation.


No prior knowledge is necessary but an awareness of programme or PRINCE2 project management would be helpful.


3 days


Exam description
Examination (which is optional) lasts 60 minutes. It is a multiple-choice exam containing 75 questions of which 70 are scoring. Always true answer is one of the available 4. To pass the exam 50% (or more) of the bulleted questions should be answered correctly. Questions are checked on the spot, so participants know their score immediately after the exam. The confirmation of their exam is a Personal Certificate issued by the APM Group Inc. during the month after the exam.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to the course
    • M_o_R Foundation examination guidance
    • What is a risk?
    • What is a risk management?
    • Why is risk management so important?
    • Basic risk definitions
    • The development of knowledge about risk management,
    • Corporate governance & internal control
    • Where and when should risk management be applied?
  • M_o_R principles:
    • The purpose of M_o_R Principles
    • Aligns with objectives
    • Fits the context
    • Engages stakeholders
    • Provides clear guidance
    • Informs decision-making
    • Facilitates continual improvement
    • Creates a supportive culture
    • Achieves measurable value
    • Risk management maturity models
  • M_o_R approach:
    • Relationship between the documents
    • Risk management policy
    • Risk management process guide
    • Risk management strategy
    • Risk register
    • Issue log
    • Risk response plan
    • Risk improvement plan
    • Communications plan
  • M_o_R process
    • Common process barriers
    • Identify – contexts
    • Identify – the risks
    • Assess – estimate
    • Assess – evaluate
    • Plan
    • Implement
    • Communication throughout the process
  • M_o_R perspectives
    • Strategic perspective
    • Programme perspective
    • Project perspective
    • Operational perspective
  • Risk specialisms
    • Business continuity management
    • Incident and crisis management
    • Health and Safety management
    • Financial risk management
    • Environmental risk management
    • Reputational risk management
    • Contract risk management
  • M_o_R Foundation examination
    (1 hour + time for administrative procedures)


See also M_o_R Practitioner course agenda.


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