Project management methodology - PRINCE2®

The methodology of PRINCE2 is an excellent platform for delivering projects in businesses and organizations of any size and trade. In a methodical way, it organizes the way a project is planned, implemented, closed and the results evaluated.

PRINCE2 is the quintessence of the British approach to project management, and has gained widespread popularity around the world, particularly in Europe and Asia.

This methodology can be used for any and all types of projects because it deals solely with the tasks of project management without directly dictating the nature of the work being done by the project team. PRINCE2 can therefore be applied even to specialized trades such as bridge construction, registration of pharmaceutical products, implementing IT systems or TV advertisements. The methodology of PRINCE2 is structured in such a way, that it can be applied to projects of any given size, from planning the enhancement of IT systems to building a stadium for Euro 2012.

PRINCE2 is a world wide recognized project management method that is gaining widespread popularity. It places particular emphasis on the business justification of ventures, their organization and the responsibilities of individual roles within the project team, including orderly and logical planning by the project manager.


Benefits of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is a universal platform for the cooperation of all those engaged in project delivery. It promotes effective communication, creating a base for the communication and exchange of information during all project phases including initial preparation.

PRINCE2 focuses on the business justification of projects. It ensures that a project who’s feasibility and profitability are highly unlikely, never becomes implemented. Moreover, PRINCE2 continues to verify the justification of projects throughout all its phases so that, should any of the project’s conditions change at any point, the project can be modified accordingly or even shut down altogether.

The methodology of PRINCE2 provides a complete, tried and tested model of project management processes. When combined with a clearly defined organizational management structure it ensures consistent control over all its aspects. It focuses on the proper planning of tasks, monitoring the development of products across all project phases and above all it drives toward the overall success of the project and the achievement of business objectives.

Benefits of using PRINCE2

  • a universal management language used for the coordination between project manager and senior management and also members of the project team,
  • it’s possible to interchange and/or replace members of the project team if such a need arises (lack of resources etc.), without jeopardizing the project. New specialists seamlessly take over from their predecessors,
  • the business justification of the project can be automatically monitored by means of carrying out controlled initiation, realisation and closure of the project. This includes organizing the planning of the project, tracking progress, successful product delivery and project closing,
  • a systematic approach to monitoring risk in a project, as well as organized management of deviations from the original plan,
  • bringing in the senior management of the company / organization to make key decisions for the project,
  • a rigorous system of ensuring the quality control of project products,
  • pre-determined, tried and tested channels of communication between the orders placer and the external supplier or contractor. 

Our PRINCE2 courses are accredited by APM Group Ltd., an accreditor for training companies.
OMEC is an Accredited Traning Organisation (ATO).


Benefits of participating in OMEC’s course

  • training is run by experienced practitioners, trainers who have been checked and approved by the APM Group Ltd., which deals with the control and development of the PRINCE2 methodology,
  • training illustrates the practical application of PRINCE2, and is put together by trainers who have many years of experience,
  • the course facilitates the exchange of personal experiences between participants and the trainer, as well as setting those experiences against the principles of PRINCE2 method,
  • participants will have a better chance of procuring EU financing – projects that are financed by European Funds require that the project team has someone who is confirmed to have PRINCE2 certification,
  • this course is accredited and integrated with a final exam that awards successful candidates with Foundation and/or Practitioner certification,
  • statistics show that 99% of participants of OMEC training successfully pass the Foundation exam, and 90% go on to pass the Practitioner exam.


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