Portfolio management - MoP®

Management of Portfolios is an integral part of organizational governance. It can be used on different levels of the organization: as a complex organization solution or within a single department.
MoP guidance concentrates ona  proper decision making process that involves investing in programmes and projects (as a manner of dealing with business changes), which enables achieving strategic objectives and business goals.

It is worth mentioning that project and programme organizational structures are temporary, whereas management of portfolio is permanent.
Programmes and projects are primarily focused on delivering outcomes/benefits and outputs/products, respectively. On the other hand, management of portfolio is focused on the overall contribution to these outcomes, benefits and outputs of strategic goals of the organization.

The main goal of project and programme management is delivering an effective and efficient way of carring out individual programmes and projects. Management of Portfolios guarantees:

  • proper realization of programmes and projects in the context of achieving strategic organizational goals,
  • effective delivery on all levels,
  • maximizing organization benefits,
  • identifying and sharing the acquired knowledge and experience for future.

MoP® guidance is a part of Best Management Practice.

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MoP® benefits

  • More accurate programmes and projects that are undertaken in order to achieve benefits and contribute to future performance of the organization,
  • Removal of redundant and duplicated initiatives,
  • More effective resource utilisation,
  • More comprehensive realization of pending programmes and projects, correlation and constraints (including resources, skills, infrastructure, change appetite, etc.) and redirecting resources to programmes and projects which support strategic goals of the organization,
  • More effective benefits realisation via active approach to exploit the capacity and capability created across the organisation,
  • Assessing and disseminating lessons learned,
  • Enhanced transparency, accountability and corporate governance,
  • Improved engagement and communication between relevant stakeholders, in understanding and meeting organizational needs and expectations and in communicating strategic objectives to all those involved,
  • Improved and enhanced cooperation between organizations in achieving corporate goals. 


Who should be taking this course

This course is intended for:

  • Board Members,
  • Business Change Managers,
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Managers,
  • Business Case developers,
  • Project assessors,
  • Individuals who are involved in a range of portfolio and project management roles and in organizational strategy realization.

Reasons for participating in OMEC's course

  • The course is led by experienced managers who are APM Group Ltd. approved trainers.  APMG looks after the quality and development of management methodology,
  • Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences with one another and with the trainer, but also to compare their experiences against MoP approach,
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding by taking the examinations - our accredited courses are combined with exams on Foundation and/or Practitioner levels.


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