Certified SOA Consultant

Course Description

A Certified SOA Consultant is required to obtain a balanced proficiency in a cross-section of the most important topic areas, with an emphasis on concepts, principles, practices, and technologies associated with service-oriented computing and service engineering.
SOA Consultants must be fluent in the terminology and theory that underlies SOA and service-oriented computing and must furthermore fully understand the dynamics, requirements and application impacts of service-orientation.

Additionally, these professionals must be familiar with the overall SOA project delivery lifecycle and the specific characteristics of individual project phases. Delivery strategies and governance issues are also critical topic areas so as to ensure that the governance impact of any planning, delivery or design decision can be fully assessed ahead of time.

SOA-certified consultants must also be technically adept having worked with common SOA technologies and understanding their unique application requirements.



3 days (following the first 2 days of the Certified SOA Professional course)

Course Contents

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Exam S90.02: SOA Technology Concepts
    • Basic XML and XML Schema Concepts
    • Overview of Standards Organizations
    • Contrasting Component-Based Architecture with Web Services and REST Services
    • Service Roles, Service Agents, Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) and Service Activities
    • Basic WSDL, SOAP and REST Concepts plus UDDI, Discovery and Service Registries
    • Basic REST Service Concepts
    • Web Service Anatomy (physical architecture)
    • Context Management and Coordination
    • Atomic Service Transactions and Compensations
    • Orchestration and WS-BPEL
    • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Topics
    • Advanced Messaging, Reliable Messaging and Policies
    • REST Services, Contracts, Resources and Messaging
    • REST Constraints and Architectural Goals
  • Exam S90.04: SOA Project Delivery & Methodology
    • Planning SOA Projects
    • Managing Service Delivery Lifecycles
    • SOA Delivery Strategies
    • Service-Oriented Analysis and Service Modeling Processes
    • Conceptual Services and Service Candidates
    • Service-Oriented Design Processes for Different Types of Services
    • Post-Design Project Phases (Service Development, Service Testing, Service Deployment & Maintenance, Service Discovery)
    • SOA Project Roles (including Service Analyst, Service Architect, Service Custodian, Schema Custodian, Policy Custodian, Service Registry Custodian,
    • Governance Specialist, Security Specialist and others)
    • Authoring and Maintaining Service Profiles
  • Exam S90.05: SOA Technology Lab
    • Fundamental XML Syntax and Application
    • XML Schema Structure
    • Fundamental XML Schema Language Elements
    • WSDL Definition Structure and How WSDL Relates to XML Schema and WS-Policy
    • Namespaces and XML Schema and WSDL Definitions
    • Fundamental WSDL Language Elements
    • SOAP Message Structure and How SOAP Relates to WSDL and XML Schema
    • Fundamental SOAP Language Elements
    • WS-BPEL Process Definition Structure and How WS-BPEL Relates to WSDL
    • HTTP Methods and Uniform Contracts and Web-Centric Architecture
    • REST Conventions and Resources
    • REST Syntax and Data Exchange


After the training you'll receive vouchers for the follwing examinations:

  • Exam S90.02: SOA Technology Concepts
  • Exam S90.04: SOA Project Delivery & Methodology
  • Exam S90.05: SOA Technology Lab

Please note that to gain the Certified SOA Architect title you must attend Certified SOA Professional course/exams first.

Also recommended

Certified SOA Architect


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